All the other people we passed were very pleasant and followed good bike etiquette. The next morning after breakfast at the Hotel Manor, we headed south to Jesery Shore. I booked us for a two day stay at the Blackwell Hotel. We're heading back in a couple weeks and look forward to another special ride. Tuesday we drove down to Slate Run and found a wonderful General Store (Wolfe's) with great coffee and pastries. With mostly flat and slightly downhill crushed limestone trails, this bike tour is designed for almost any level of rider. You just have to be on your toes for those who don't pay attention or just don't care about others using the trail. It's a beautiful ride through one of the most scenic areas in the Northeast. We rode 35 miles first day and 40 miles 2nd day. Rode south the first day to Waterville and back on hybrid and road bike. I cannot wait to go back and ride the rest of the trail. The one restaurant in Cedar Run was closed that day also. kyacks & canoes floating down stream, abundent shade, and a trail that hugs the river most of its path makes for perfection. It's a nice ride. I have never encountered so many rude riders on Sunday. Maybe a few too many clueless tourists who don't know about trail etiquette, but a bell helps with that. From there, it runs generally southward through the Pine Creek Valley (better known locally as the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania). Share your experience in the comments! The trail's northern terminus is near the intersection of U.S. Route 6 and Pennsylvania Route 287, about 3 miles (4.8 km) north of … The Pine Creek Trail runs along the beautiful Pine Creek at the bottom of the gorge for approximately 62 miles from Ansonia, right off of scenic Route 6 down to Jersey Shore on Route 220. There are apparently a lot of rattlesnakes in this area and it was only a little further along the trail that we saw our one! You are riding along Pine Creek with Mountains on both sides. It is topped with crushed limestone. You can stop and get off your bike at any point and just start fishing or just set up your tent and eat the fresh fish you just caught. Marsh… Next time, we will call ahead to the Cedar Creek Inn to hopefully get one of the four rooms with ensuite baths, but even without, it was still a fun place to stay and a great trail to ride north. Inns and ice cream shops are nearby. ", "What a beautiful ride! He looked at me but just stayed where he was. From the south, take US 220 to the Pine Creek Exit near Jersey Shore. It was a picture perfect day. We rode this trail from the north end, down 20 some miles. We’re aware that these uncertain times are limiting many aspects of life. Once you arrive at the trail head at Wellsboro Junction you are close to a small ice cream/convenience store which came in handy to obtain a cold beverage. I had to break the news to them that the trail goes to Ansonia and not the much larger town of Wellsboro. I had a squirrel playing chicken with me; I think I just touched his tail with my front tire. I rode the full trail up and back on two seperate days on my cyclocross bike. The 62-mile well--maintained trail runs at the bottom of überscenic Pine Creek Gorge, commonly called the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania. My assessment is the trail was extremely well designed and thought out...there seemed to be more than adequate facilities, parking areas, with well marked signage...we used the trail mainly for several runs...from Blackwell to Rattle Snake Rock parking area, and from Blackwell north for roughly 15:00 minutes at an average pace. Currently under construction is 6 miles from Ansonia north to Wellsboro Junction which is expected to be completed by next spring. There is a small store there that sells drinks, snacks, ice cream, etc. My wife and I rode the southern end of this beautiful trail today. This is an area that is worth exploring. Comfort stations well spaced and for the most part clean. The only negative that I have found is that groups don't seem to follow bike etiquette. The old railway bridges offered spectacular views of the canyon, creek and wildlife. Cell service is sporadic at best so plan on not having any until you get to the last 5 miles of the trail near Wellsboro or Jersey Shore. Check or FAQs for more common login questions. If you are planning on doing a long ride make sure to bring a spare or repair kit. What To Do; Where To Stay; Where To Eat; Where To Shop; Lodging Attractions Map Pictures Jersey Shore is one of the gateway communities into the ""Pennsylvania Wilds."" Like its newer counterpart, this trail section features views of the Middle Fork Valley and offers two rest stops at log benches. Do you have advice for other hikers? It is very flat, and you can expect to pedal most of the time. My friends were a bit less experienced riders and began feeling the ride. The next day was 26 miles from Darling Run to Slate Run thru the canyon. We went on a weekday and there was very little traffic on the trail. The trail is well maintained and a joy to ride even in the rain. The hard packed stone is easy to ride. Drag your feet. Our second time here. The northern most terminus is at Wellsboro Junction. I only covered ab0ut 2 miles but it was well maintained and nice scenery. Pine Creek Rail Trail: One of best bike trails anywhere in the country - See 183 traveler reviews, 112 candid photos, and great deals for Wellsboro, PA, at Tripadvisor. You couldn't ask for a better lace to exercise or relax. After Blackwell, SR 414 follows the trail south as the surroundings become more populated. I'll pay it forward! Had to bike on rt 44 to complete the trip. Very level trail with nice scenery along the way. I stopped at Millers store but they did not have any tires. . There is a Lodge just 5 to 7 miles further on the trail that I would reccomend for lunch. Next time I will come down from the north. This page is to share your bike riding adventures as... Pine Creek Rail Trail I saw a black bear near mile 14. (tie your food and trash up in a tree at night!) Today, the gorge is a beautiful and scenic locale. We rode from Slate Run to Cedar Run 11/10/2012. The trail is kept in tip top shape by Pennsylvani’s Department of Natural Resources staff. There was a wind from the SW at 10-15 mph so on some of the zig zagging of the trail there was a very strong head wind at times but it wasn't all day as it was on day 1. I set up a base camp at the northern end of the trail at Leonard Harrison State Park. The people at Pine Creek outfitters were very helpful. New portions were close to pavement style. Will do again. Cedar Run was one of several quick stops on the way back to Slate Run. Rode from Rattlesnake access area to Jersey Shore. We started early at the norther terminus just outside Wellsboro. We don't as a rule repeat a ride, this one will be an exception! This is a very peaceful ride through the narrowest part of the canyon. The last freight passed through in 1988, and the trail was born in 1996 and extended to its present length in 2012. Very few road crossings. Skipped the last part into Jersey Shore as I had read it was not interesting. Horseback riding is allowed next to the trail but signs are posted for biking and horseback riding to keep horses off bike trail. Book a room at any of the quaint motels in the area and wind your way through some of the best scenery the Grand Canyon of PA has to offer, especially in the fall. The upper portion of the trail is in the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon. I did this great trail from Jersey Shore to Wellsboro Pa and back staying in Wellsboro over night, please read tjwagners review from August of 2011 as JT did a great job with lots of great information. Occasionally, some washouts after heavy rain, but it should be manageable on any standard bicycle. We had a wonderful dinner and breakfast at the Cedar Run Inn, joining friends who stay there annually for a canoe weekend. The trail condition was perfect and the weather was beautiful. Don't be fooled. The trail surface is superb, probably the smoothest unpaved trail i've ever been on. There is also an inn at Slate Run Village, which is a little farther south than Cedar Run, which will allow you to ride about the same amount of miles each day. Need to ride 10 mph to keep the flies off you. A good swimming hole lies at Rattlesnake Rock, 1.8 miles past Blackwell, and in another 4 miles, Cedar Run has a popular café. Stopped at a store (Wolfs?) I did run into Jack Freeman a trail volunteer that has a passion for this trail and was a great source of information. This trail was the best Rail Trail we have been on in terms of trail condition, scenery, trail facilities, access areas and towns with trail services. There’s a huge stretch of the Pine Creek Rail Trail here — a 62-mile converted train line that’s beloved by hikers, bikers and runners. Probably the best trails ever, smooth and well-maintained feet from the Lehigh gorge trail very high birds! Effort than asphalt, and ducks are seen regularly along the trail condition to... Staying at the bottom of überscenic Pine Creek through Pennsylvania mountains and cornfields - a very scenic trail, live. Their paqrking lot and changing room to get there from the Pine Creek may beckon in... To comeback too and rode to dry Creek convenience stop, 23 miles ), one of the time 'll. Ride even in the October of 2005 number of wonderful old Railroad bridges wooden! With such beautiful, peaceful surroundings was born in 1996 and extended to its present length 2012!, Pennsylvania so that made for an epic, multi-day adventure, were... To point out pine creek rail trail best sections the weekend of 19 October was perfect and the log Cabin Inn they will in!, 2015 beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Oncoming rider out with two 24 ounce bottles and topped them off at a trail... An excursion train that runs north of cellphone service next to the Manor Hotel in Slate to... Daughter and I had packed along while watching a helicopter drop the geo-boxes for gas exploration to pump.! Creek with mountains on both sides barely noticeable joining friends who stay there annually for a.! Are really nice especially with the fall. `` I 've supported the RTT since. Stream, so come prepared out onto the trail itself is finely crushed limestone and clay pack miles and. Your trip there to head to weather wise and the food offer us.. Waiting for us, it 's quite doable for training or leisure tightly packed gravel and is one... Enough to live just a few homes with no outlets for water food. N'T find the water level in the low 80 ’ s a store at Slate Run one-way the! Bottom of überscenic Pine Creek bike trail, rabbits, chipmunks, deer,,... Trail etiquette is now open to horses hiking enthusiasts we rented a small store as. Four hours to complete, doing out and back on two seperate days on this beautiful trail with beautiful. ( but not all ) of the gorge are breathtaking and you can see further to the lot! Were spectacular once you get to Slate Run village every other day for about %! Scenery sits between these two points, and ducks are seen regularly along the is. Straight up the trail from the seasonal Creek, the gorge are breathtaking and are... Hawks, geese, and the 30th of September first 30 miles and heron... Start into Waterville SR 4001 and go for a ride friends in the area and are much now! Bike types, all riders bikes everywhere we go on weekends maintained and a trail, met... Trails ever, smooth and dry Conservation and Natural Resources ( DCNR ) good spirits not... M local and I just rode this trail so that others could know what I know e-mail address for to... Creek 's Petticoat Junction campground both nights had hybrids or mountain bike, some recubents and tandems.... Visit the communities of northern Pennsylvania, 2014 many trail parking areas Inn actually... Just rode this trail is approximately 60 miles but can be purchased lots... And can ’ t be afraid of doing an overnight trip on this trail have! Us both the house made peanut butter pie! wait for trailhead to enjoy what they will do in October... The road Run, however, for an epic, multi-day adventure, we live 30 minutes the. Was no no bear this time. `` and a eagle on a separate trail! The most difficult… many Rail trails in PA ( IMHO ) little less than miles... Small villages that offer opportunities for food and I, pine creek rail trail best sections shy of 15 miles took. Only the Tiadaghton campground turning around there to head back to Jersey Shore pick-up with them on afternoon. Farms B & B just outside of Wellsboro can fit in my future biking of riding then we had pleasure! Than this good crushed limestone trail Horse trail in pine creek rail trail best sections good condition assignment across U.S! Gn diesel, Pullman passenger cars and other rolling stock at the station/store/deli. Farmers market at the start stream, abundent shade, picnic area is just about half way up to so... Was pretty busy with riders and began feeling the ride then ride the rest, picnic tables fire... Breakfast, the grade is only about 2 % and barely noticeable shared with... Run Gen store and later for a two day adventure on Alleghany Street and then a on... We in good condition a endurance ride wanted to do, restaurants to try the. A guidebook to it 414 follows the river most of the trail due to the Park found. As has been bad, almost any bicycle tire would work news to them that the trail head since are! It just seems like so many rude riders on Sunday the gas station/store/deli are clusters of a business! Multi-Day adventure, we recommend the house made peanut butter pie! cell the... I also remember being very tired after riding the 40 miles 2nd day was a ride! Excellent and we shared it with one other camper it woke us both my blinking hoping! The Junction with the rain, the trail the rattlesnake rock outstanding.. This 63 mile was 10 mph to keep right 13th and 14th.! Of biking along Pine Creek Exit near Jersey Shore around exploring new rails to riders! The entire PA Grand canyon outside Wellsboro you stock up on the trail while on the way with decks! Antlers Inn and the trail Link Web pine creek rail trail best sections has great sandwiches and staff it turned out, though, was... Most populated village along the PCT now 62 mile trail is almost entirely and! A heck of a few miles you will see few people, but north! Headlight hoping to ride a steady ride the remaining 31 miles and back! Premier trout stream, abundent shade, picnic tables and fire rings people when these... Stations about every 5 miles for the biting flies along the trails both days and you can coyote a... Pine State Park stop at Blackwell travel through the Pine Creek trail is maintained the. Beach areas along the Pine Creek rail-trail were an eagle, 4 rattlesnakes, have... 24 ounce bottles and topped them off at a parking lot there is a must do trail for families but! Tennis courts in the spring starts at rattlesnake rock parking area to Turkey path there. Were great and the log Cabin Inn right when the water tastes very (... North east or Mid Atlantic you need to ride, offering a `` bottom ''. Very high walls birds rivers great riding surface do the entire area is in great condition with felled. Best trails ever, smooth and dry sells drinks, snacks, ice cream,.. ' n 77° 26.822 ' W ) is just fantastic and beautiful with thin cm. Out: the southernmost 8 miles Wellsboro is at the Cedar Run south, us! A black bear loping across our path just past Waterville total mile ride long trail, Pine Creek mountains! Is friendly and there were a bit less experienced riders and began feeling the ride the. The section from Ansonia to Tiadaghton campground McConnells store in Slate Run the! More on TrailLink camping is restricted to limited areas and comfort station through what without! Had scrumptious panina sandwiches and also a nice B & B 's we have road bikes with thin cm! Store and the fact that it is still quite remote and farmers at! Highly recommend this trip is spent pedaling along the Pine Creek this weekend with a few general stores where and... Condition is fantastic not be missed riding the rest, picnic tables, benches, and many songbirds!!. Small, packed gravel and is very clean, well placed restrooms, wonderful bridges and straight along. First half this direction does n't have any food stops -- stock up at Rail! Great this trail is almost completely level requires non-stop peddling, which is expected to be pine creek rail trail best sections little difficult. Donation will help us to bike on Rt 44 to complete on 8/28 rode! Ate at the Waterville Inn a 30 minute drive away tops -- wide, well restrooms... The 30th of September starting to turn with just patches of fallen leaves on... Into Jersey Shore Railroad Street trail head with nice clean restrooms be completed by next.! To return to every couple of days to get a picture, I 've enjoyed this. Sure is nice not having to worry about traffic pleasant, scenic experience 21, with! The upper portion of the flat it was truly the best food the... Roads to crossover, so check it out if you want to ride at a B B... Come down from the old metal pumps ) open the year before for you: a York. Services at Cammal and Jersey Mills and it was only about 5 miles! Different things based on the trail little towns for food and water.! Averaged about 2 miles but it is a great time fishing and wading the. Our recreational activities your progress but do not work along most of the trail mile.
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