condescending {adj} herablassend geruhend condescending {adj} {pres-p} patronisierend [geh.] He would not even condescend to make a … What Is the Difference Between condescending and patronizing? condescending - translate into Czech with the English-Czech Dictionary - Cambridge Dictionary Found 127 sentences matching phrase "condescending".Found in 7 ms. When the abbot condescended to dine in the refectory, his chaplains waited upon him with the dishes, a servant, if necessary, assisting them. Sentences Mobile. The well-intentioned results condescend to both artists and businesspeople while shedding no light on either world. attitude when around people he thinks are non-believers. Learn more. It's difficult to see condescending in a sentence . Sentence Examples. Her smile was a mixture of pity and condescension. 13. Sentence Examples. (used of behavior or attitude) characteristic of those who treat others with condescension, Put like that - which is the honest truth, not some, When Hagan’s gaze shifted from Ash to him, it turned, We’ll see about that, Dan said, annoyed by the, It’s all the answer we need, he finished with a, This is important, she stated in an authoritative, We’ve got the head spins brau, Angelo spat with. showing that you are more important than others. Jackson always picked some condescending nickname for her beaus. 3. 1. Quit talking to me in that condescending tone! 16. Then Charlie transferred his blighted affections to a round, rosy, snub-nosed, blue-eyed, little Sophomore who appreciated them as they deserved, whereupon he forgave Anne and, But they saw that the Venetians of the sixteenth century and the Florentines of the seventeenth century and the French of the eighteenth century had produced splendid stuffs; and although there were no museums in those days that, Before he would deign to make known to the President the nature and extent of the reparation he was authorized to offer, he demanded the revocation of the President's proclamation; in plain terms informing this nation that its Government should make concessions to His Majesty for using precautionary measures against the lawless acts of his officers, as a prerequisite to a tender of the reparation His Majesty had, After the usual compliments he announced to him that the suspicions which had arisen of my participation in the plots of the rebels had been proved to be but too well founded, adding that condign punishment as a deterrent should have overtaken me, but that the Tzarina, through consideration for the loyal service and white hairs of my father, had, C*** O***, you know his estate, his worth, and good sense: can you, will you pronounce it ill meant, at least of him, when anxious for his son's morals, with a view to form him to virtue, and inspire him with a fixed, a rational contempt for vice, he, I had treated her like a poor ignorant Wretch and, Now, I cannot for one instant believe you so devoid of gallantry as to refuse a lady your escort when she even, In the state of which he would be the founder, there is no marrying or giving in marriage: but because of the infirmity of mankind, he, He might have been compared to a workman, a vigorous workman, whom the work fears; but who, for the moment, has nothing to do, and, If he had only known, he would have been aware that the people who would recognize him were in their boxes or grand-stand seats, or in the paddock, where society, And now, let me ask, whether we are prepared for these conditions? Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. 9. 13. 3. Condescending (adjective); showing a superior attitude toward others. I appreciate that you didn’t condescend to me. Definition of Condescending. Besides, he was a lawyer, and would know the ins and outs of everything--rather a grand lawyer, perhaps, for this sort of thing, but being her friend he wouldn't mind, for once, Oh snap Swift, you’re about to be shown what’s up tonight for real, that punk ice Logan said as he greeted me with a, My friend has reconsidered and will be more than happy with what you have brought, Kuri said smoothly and the girl, after sending me a, Managers who use splits to promote their stock are aiding and abetting the worst instincts of the investing public, and the intelligent investor will think twice before turning any money over to such, But now, as soon as Pyotr Stepanovitch ran in with his everlasting grin, which was so naïvely, Lady Jane and Lord Ashburn merely held their heads high in their. How to use condescension in a sentence. condescending meaning: 1. treating someone as if you are more important or more intelligent than them: 2. treating…. Akua questioned in an over exaggerated mock, Pine's challenge still hovered upon him, his tightened jaw twitched slightly as he looked upon the. A condescending tone reveals a level of immaturity in a person. Edgar the eldest, would not condescend at first. I have never heard a Java , C++, C, Perl , or … If you condescend to someone while trying to teach them something, they will probably be too insulted to listen to the lesson Despite its condescension toward the Bennet family, the letter begins t [8] X Research source In the workplace, however, people are sometimes condescending in more subtle ways, such as talking about people behind their backs or trash talking in the form of jokes. to display feelings of superiority. She too had a condescending attitude toward other ethnic groups. She hated the way he was looking at her, an exasperated, I went through the obligatory motions of a, You see, I know everything about you, Sledge said in a, He told the people that there was no concern, but his words were, The screen of the UPS flickered in a way that Midge found decidedly, You know that’s what I’m talking ‘bout, Lil’ B answered in a, What’s your plan now Cara? Lowe asked in the same. Probably Jack’s eyes would have sparkled nastily, and he would have answered with a condescending smi le that unfortunately this horse isn’t for beginners. Whether we believe in all the rights which the French Emperor, Erskine, and also the only thing contemplated when the law of May last was passed, as also the only ground taken by himself only one month before, (having, it is presumed, heard from France in the interval,) he. R’jan laughs and dismisses his dark brothers with a regal, condescending wave as if shooing a bothersome fly from a banquet surely called in honor of him. ; But they never varied from the condescending amiability one shows to children and sick people. 5. Patronizing can mean "giving support to" or "being a customer of," suggesting that the "condescending" sense implies superiority gained through a donor-dependent relationship. 7. Would you believe that this honest and jealous woman, after many scenes of hysterics and reproaches, He was annoyed at the manner in which his gift had been returned, as though he had, Relations between these two old schoolmates continued to be thus strained for nearly a year! Here are some examples of Condescending in sentences: His condescending tone was as annoying as the words. While mostly helpful, the book occasionally dips into condescending territory. 9. Kathy asked in the most. ‘And therefore, one has either to ditch the condescending attitude to the electorate, or the social democracy.’ ‘Our schools are only just recovering from the condescending attitude that we ought to expect worse standards from the poor.’ ‘To be sure, the condescending attitude of the promoters of the project was no help to their cause.’ I shall not comment further on the mean-spirited and condescending . Example sentences with the word condescension. condescending in a sentence - Use "condescending" in a sentence 1. 13. He said it was very condescending for me to make it. Cousin Harry, cool and collected, shook hands with a less than hearty, Liz, the other one mumbles, looking at the, In such a household, in Streatham, Miss Western would have been a lady, Adu then drew himself closer to Ethan and said in a low-keyed voice, trying to sound, You found something interesting, priest? ; He reigned there, in a gracious, condescending way, over a group of ten or twelve women. 7. Condescending definition, showing or implying a usually patronizing descent from dignity or superiority: They resented the older neighbors' condescending cordiality. With an air of condescension in his voice, the police officer was rude and patronizing to the driver. The condescending list of example sentences with condescending. Condescending definition is - showing or characterized by a patronizing or superior attitude toward others. Examples of Condescension in a sentence Troy’s attitude of condescension caused people to feel that he was talking down to them. 76. Condescend definition is - to assume an air of superiority. Here are some examples of Condescending in sentences: His condescending tone was as annoying as the words. 9. She smiled a lofty, condescending, tantalising smile and left him. Kids demand shows that are smart and have lots of action and they remember if you condescend to them. Rick said this condescending remark at work today: "I'm better than all of you!" There was a condescending Thanks, Bob, and we moved on. condescending translation in English-Estonian dictionary. Another word for condescending. "I'm not talking in a condescending way. You ask..make sentence with condescending. I immediately lose respect for anyone who speaks in a condescending way to their employees. Deuced condescending of him. 27, Pentecostals have endured more than their share of dismissive scholarship, 28, The Prince smirked and Gaveston turned, for the first time acknowledging their presence with a, 29, Watts seems to have kept a copy of Maria Edgeworth's, 30, I never really like her - she was always a bit stuck-up and, 2, I didn't like his tone of voice; I felt he was being. If someone condescends to do something, they agree to do it, but in a way which shows that they think they are better than other people and should not have to do it. When he condescended to speak, he contradicted himself four times in the space of half an hour. Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved Contact. Inserting these words into your sentences immediately makes you sound condescending. While mostly helpful, the book occasionally dips into condescending territory.

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