On our trips, many of the peacock bass you cast to have never seen a lure or fly. In Florida, Peacock Bass species were introduced into the lakes and canals of Miami-Dade County in 1984 after ten years of study by the Game and Fish Commission. Fishing World Records. This has led many people to believe that fishing pressure and genetics would make the record impossible to break. By Joseph LoBianco. For many ardent Peacock Bass fishermen, the long standing 27 lb. The trio landed 30+ peacocks and a couple of bonus fish to. information, contact: Peacock Bass Association (PBA), 2640 Elizabeth Place, Lakeland FL 33812, (863)644-3381; FAX: (863)644-3288 or Contact Us. fish being caught each year and several 27 lb. Species: The blackwaters of the Caño Bócon have perfect acidic pH levels that promote the growth of HUGE Peacock Bass. It was once a tentative place for traders from Tibet and Ladakh who went to Spiti and the Kullu valley, but today it attracts a large number of adventure enthusiasts from across the world. Ron is the only taxidermist to make molds from the last two IGFA All Tackle World Record Peacock Bass: Doc Lawson’s 27 lb fish caught in 1994 and Bill Gassmann’s 28 lb pound caught in February of 2010. A guide to the 16 described species of peacock bass — Our peacock bass species directory has been made available in an effort to provide anglers with clear and concise information about all of the currently described species. The largest butterfly peacock caught in Florida weighed 12.0 pounds and measured 25.5 inches, but this fish was not submitted for a state record. Made from ceramic is Perfect as your “office mug” Expect delivery: 10 business day Packing and Shipping Costs to any U.S. Made from ceramic is Perfect as your “office mug”. google_ad_client = "pub-9793117213313333"; After a 12 minute fight, Bill’s guide Elvis netted the fish and upon attaching the IGFA certified Boga Grip to it immediately declared, “We go to boat!” Bill did not realize the significance of the 28 lbs. Peacock bass are sensitive to cool water temperatures, and can only survive in the most southern regions of Florida. Bill was fishing on Captain Peacock when he caught this huge fish. Expect, Made lycra UPF 50+ Protection Fingerless Palmless Sun Glove Lightweight & Breathable Form Fitted Expect delivery: 10 business day Packing and, Made of microfiber,Lightweight and compact than ordinary towel.Unique terry texture design can absorb more water than flate towel Dries 3, High UV Protection BUFF is a seamless, multifunctional tubular accessory ideal for many warm and hot weather activities. For more books on fresh and saltwater fishing, visit, Species: ANOTHER RECORD FOR PEACOCK BASS Records were made to be broken, but this peacock bass thing is getting ridiculous. Butterfly Peacock Bass: 9.08 pounds: unavailable: 3/11/1993: Jerry Gomez: Kendall Lakes, Dade County: Note: Larger butterfly peacock bass have been documented by FWC biologists, but but not all state record reporting requirements were met. Peacock Bass Log. 28. Peacock Bass Association (PBA)Website design by Lilliam M. Larsen. South America is their home country and their long family list has been exported in … The Cichla Temensis is the largest peacock bass specie and can reach up to 35 pounds in upper Rio Negro. Larry's On June 1, 2010 the IGFA (International Game Fish Association) certified the 28 lb. Our staff pioneered the sport of peacock bass fishing on the fly . The Curicuriari immediately proived that it’s a world-record class fishery. During the 16 years since Doc caught his huge Speckled Peacock, the popularity of Brazil’s Rio Negro fishery has sky rocketed with 25 and 26 lb. The state record for the Florida Peacock bass is 9.08 pounds, but fish up to 12 pounds have been caught; current IGFA all-tackle world record is 12.6 pounds (caught in Venezuela); 13 of the 16 current IGFA world records for the Butterfly Peacock bass have been caught from Florida waters. Fishing the most remote reaches of the Amazon in Luxury and Safety. On average the butterfly peacock will be about 3-4 pounds with the Florida state record topping in at 9 pounds. We target many HUGE Peacock Bass here in the high 20lbs+ (camp record 29lbs), Butterfly Peacock Bass to 12lbs, the slash-and-grab Payara/Vampire Fish to 30lbs, acrobatic Bocón/Jatuarána, Surubim Cats and much more. With a lake record large mouth of 19.10 and reports of 20+ pound monsters being caught in the nets of local tilapia fishermen, many believe that a new world record swims in these waters. For more ITINERARY. Yesterday, I took out Danny his wife Nancy and his sister Christine out for a full day of peacock bass fishing in Miami. Many travel agencies now arrange international fishing trips specifically to catch peacock bass. The Peacock Bass is very appreciated by sport firshermen due to its fighting qualities. There are huge fish here! Area: (Himachal) Season: June - mid Oct Altitude: 4250 mts/14000 ft Duration: 10 day Chandra Tal is also known as "Moon Lake" is the source of the Chandra River. PEACOCK BASS: There are more than 15 described species of Peacock Bass, (Cichla genus) in South America, and these family of fish has a very complex reproductive cicle and their feeding adaptive behavior are remarkable when compared with other species. The Florida. PBA (cichla ocellaris), Species: Oscar: 2.34 pounds: unavailable: 3/16/1994: Jimmy Cook: Lake Okeechobee: Mayan Cichlid: 2.37 pounds: 13.6" 13.1" 11/28/2016: Jonathan Johnson You are here: Home / Fishing Reports / Record Peacock Miami Florida Fishing. Species : Cichla ocellaris aka Butterfly Peacock Bass. 2 - We have the largest Peacock Bass in the World, whose record by IGFA is 29 LB 1 OZ. //-->, For more books on fresh and saltwater fishing, visit www.larsenoutdoors.com, Peacock  Bass  Associationwww.peacockbassassociation.com Executive Director: Larry Larsen, Peacock Bass World Records (Standard Tackle). Record Peacock Miami Florida Fishing. Peacock Bass, Return to Information Central Contents page. Besides seeing some world record tilapia on the beds in the weeds, we caught a couple eight pounders and at least seven bass over five pounds. SPECIES. ... Next day around lunch the word had spread and the Russians were kind of surprised to realize my record fish. The fish weighed a pound more than the largest peacock bass on record. Consult IGFA for the most speckled Peacock Bass caught by Bill Gassmann of Des Moines, Iowa on Feb. 9, 2010 while fishing with Captain Peacock Expeditions of Manaus, Brazil. It’s a thought that has crossed all of our minds. The All-Tackle record for speckled peacock has been broken three times in the past ten years, and the reports of anglers encountering fish in the 30-pound range are numerous. All about the Florida Peacock Bass The butterfly peacock (also called peacock bass) is an extremely popular freshwater game fish introduced to south Florida in 1984. Gassmann began to appreciate the gravity of what he had done while watching the enthusiasm of Leonardo, Elvis and members of the Capt. A nice snook that was about … Captain Peacock began operations in 1994 with the express intent of providing top of the line fishing trips combined with excellent accommodations, service, guides and equipment in a mobile format. google_color_link = "0000FF"; At the moment, the record from November 22, 2017 is being analyzed by the International Game Fish Association (IGFA), in the United States. Remember, these are the only molds in the world of a 28 … PBABrazil Visa Kits & Discounted Expediting Service,