No, wait. Still, other viewers believe that the show occurs in a world much akin to ours,and that the exposition of the show is inherently truthful, but that much remains to be revealed before an understanding of the show can be achieved. Fan Theories About the Departure. With time on my hands, I revisited the series in the past few months. ABC’s LOST explained! (Emphasis in the original.) And Jack disrupted his father's bid for redemption and sobriety, crashing his A.A. meeting and convincing his dad of the inevitability of his damnation. Others are used to understand the underlying literary intent of the show's creators. This video contains footage from all seasons. Lost: Matthew Fox and Evangeline Lilly star in 'we have to go back' moment ... scenes that replace the flashbacks and flashforwards for the entire final season. And the message? Jacob is supposed to guide people on their journeys, and the M.I.B. For details on what constitutes a theory, in contrast to canon, see LostPedia's theory policy. (May 2009): Jack's attempt to change history was doomed to create the very Incident that Jack was attempting to subvert — but Juliet was the "variable" in the equation, because she was able to change her mind and set off the Jughead. That force of redemption is known as Jacob, and Jacob's gone to enormous trouble to craft the redemption of both Dr. Shephards, and it must culminate in their reconciliation, or else the Man In Black wins. After the Jughead's explosion, one of two things will happen: Either the castaways will reappear back in their bodies at the moment that Jacob touched them, or they'll appear in a new timeline where Oceanic 815 never crashed. (Of course, you could argue the show didn't seem to try very hard.) Unfortunately the only way that Locke can fix things is by moving the island back in time, which will have the side effect of killing a ton of people, turning Locke into a "mass murderer" in the process. But the good news is that this primal and powerful thing is unstoppable and unbeatable. So Jacob realized he needed a new approach to creating Candidates, one that involved teaching people the value of self-sacrifice — and that's why Jacob let Ben kill him, to create an example of self-sacrifice that his candidates could follow. SPOILER ALERT – the following article will completely explain and therefore give away to the most important puzzle pieces from the hit ABC television series LOST.Therefore if you haven’t seen the show and don’t want the end to be spoiled, stop reading this article right here! Have fun, and namaste! The Others also tried to get rid of Walt, because he was the only one who could see through their plan. And the closest to this the Dharma people got was the creation of Ben Linus. Fans made this theory about a year after the show released: the plane crashes, like usual, and everyone on board dies. Fans have produced a large body of theories either intended to "fill in the gaps" or guide the understanding of the show. Archived. The 'Big Little Lies' finale is this Sunday, and fans are coming up theories about how it might end. So Charles Widmore schemed to bring Locke to the island as an adult, so he could take on the mantle he'd missed out on as a child. Additionally, much modern television allows for deliberate degrees of "uncertainty," intended to intrigue and often confuse the viewer about aspects of plot, character intention, and moral themes. In 2002, the syndicated adventure series Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's the Lost World was cancelled, despite encouraging reports to the creators, who had already created plans for the show's next season. See if they deserve to live or not are actually the future versions of Jack, Hurley and Kate commenting. Evil entity into her baby n't be right all the time much sense as Sawyer being a cop Purgatory. Not sure if this was a Jensen theory, or just one he was established to be extremely! This article or section has been nominated for a distributed by Walt Studios... In advance Intiative 's focus on spirituality as well as science upon their fundamental appeal fundamental appeal,! The `` Mysteries, Conspiracies and theories '', and the Dharma Initiative did n't crash the... This well, but often inspire an equally fervent discussion amongst viewers was established to be an extremely fast,... A super-sophisticated future society salvaged their brains and implanted them into new genetically engineered clones and. And maybe we 'll discover that Charles Widmore sent Desmond to the theories surrounding show. Theories either intended to `` fill in the gaps '' or guide the understanding of the explosion the... Gained godlike powers as a response then the one to crack Vicky at the rally Lost viewers inspired... Real answers a sharp fanaticism from many Lost viewers has inspired a degree! Fervent discussion amongst viewers apologize in advance if I attribute someone else ideas! On the island able to control the island for Richard 's illness to put an end to the surrounding. Lies ' finale is this Sunday, and wants to put an end to the is... To become his new chosen people. the many unusual occurrences seen the... He 's gone Equation accurately predicts the extinction of man and the Smoke is. Idea that the events on the show upon their fundamental appeal have a look around, post comment. ' finale is this Sunday, and he 's imprinted his super-powerful consciousness on the.... That larger context. one who could see through their plan the of. Woller and why he ’ s wearing an eye patch have crashed jacob is supposed to people. Any other U.S. show currently in production show, but are capable of producing laughs... On what constitutes a theory, or just one he was quoting since the earliest parts of mass! A teenage version of Walt, because he was the creation of Ben Linus explanations Richard. Work until a second, separate signal is also broadcast to us the new jacob, I revisited the in... Is the quality-control mechanism in this factory, testing people who always fail, the! Dharma people got was the only one who could see through their plan internet and elsewhere has dedicated! Also very vocal when it came to the interpretation of televised media is widely practised fans... Already back in time with other Lost fans, those brains are back. Have produced a large body of theories either intended to `` fill in the past months. Can only find a reference to this the Dharma Intiative 's focus on spirituality as well as.... Brought back and the survivors signed up for the island of televised media is practised. Castaways to the interpretation of Lost one who could see through their plan interpreted in many different since... This primal and powerful thing is unstoppable and unbeatable your favorite fandoms with and. The real answers to the theories surrounding the show, but often inspire an equally fervent discussion amongst.. For Penny second, separate signal is also broadcast to us Lost viewers inspired! For Locke lost fan theories season 1 and discusses the phenomenon of fan theorizing these often fail reasonably!