3 boys 1 girl. They have a very rare coat, and there are several opinions on owning this unusual color. This blog will cover all the questions you might have about blue Merle French bulldogs … Blue Frenchies attract people the most. A must-read for any Frenchie dog parent. Hi animal lovers, I see you are looking for 63+ French Bulldog Blue Eyes. Blue and tan French bulldogs have a blue for their dominant color and fawn, white or cream markings above their eyes, on their cheeks, bellies, and legs. Eye problems can be serious for a French Bulldog. With their distinctive blue fur and loving eyes, these dogs are sure to earn their place in your heart. Does it pose a health risk? Similar to the white French Bulldog but with more of an eggshell flavor, it will be dominant over the whole body with no other patches of color. This is why you end up with the “Jordan 16”. Frenchies tend to be overly sensitive to bacteria like e-coli, parasites or viruses, often leading to diarrhea as the body attempts to rid itself of these irritants. Normal healthy coat 80% of the time. The AKC recognizes a purebred, healthy lineage, and won’t accept many of the popular and rare ‘fad colors’. Blue Frenchies attract people the most. If not, you should request they do. To be precise, they look sort of dusky. Whatever French Bulldog coat colors you have, their personalities, temperaments, and your relationship with them are Like the others here with a blue combination, these Frenchies are also quite rare and costly because unjustified demand makes it attractive for breeders to create all kinds of color variations. Because of their adorable, smart and cute demeanor, the French Bulldog stood fourth in respect to popularity in the U.K. in 2015 and third in Australia in 2017. Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire. If your dog has developed this, it’s best to keep him away from other dogs for the time being. Think about the standing and integrity of the breeder. I’ve actually mentioned this in the upper middle part, but also added a disclaimer to the beginning now, which I usually do anyway. They are even-tempered for the most part, but they require attention. This means that all the light that enters the dog’s eyes is scattered back into the atmosphere, and as a result, it creates the appearance of blue. Knowing whether a white Frenchie is an extreme piebald or an off-white … It could also be a symptom of dry eye syndrome or corneal ulcers. Watch this adorable Frenchie puppy with blue eyes play around! Knowing whether a white Frenchie is an extreme piebald or an off-white is important, as piebald spotting has been linked to deafness. Frenchies occasionally have eye conditions such as: If your French Bulldog develops red eyes, it is usually a condition called Cherry Eye. They will either be completely blue, or slightly different shades including grey, green, and brown flecks. The average prices for these dogs can range from around $4,000 to $5,000. Originating in England, French Bulldogs were bred to be miniature versions of their larger Bulldog cousins. This health issue is present in certain dog breeds that are carriers of the Merle and Piebald genes. Typically, dogs with a higher level of melanin in their iris have brown eyes. Blue merle Frenchies are a rare colored French bulldog. French Bulldog Ornament Space Dog Figurine Home Art Decor Gift Novelty Astronaut. White French Bulldog blue eyes. In terms of health, what does it mean for a French Bulldog to be blue-eyed? The fawn hairs have black tipping this time. Their parents need to have the chocolate and blue gene, OR they have to be blue themselves! A recent study, where 6,000 dogs’ complete genetic profiles were analyzed, by Embark Veterinary (one of the largest dog DNA testing companies) found that a genetic mutation near a gene known as ALX4 is strongly associated with blue eyes in dogs. In dogs, the blue coat color is due to a recessive gene known as the dilution gene. Click & Collect . These are generally fawn French Bulldogs with traces of dilution around their ears, paw pads, noses, and masks. Melanin (a pigment found in the iris) is another causing factor that determines the eye color of dogs. Make sure you ask questions about the health of the parents and ensure they are all well cared for. Explore 48 listings for French bulldog with blue eyes for sale at best prices. Plus, it is susceptible to obesity if it is given excessive amount of treats. You wouldn’t pay a premium for a runt, why would you pay one for a mutant. I don’t support mixed breeds from breeders either, but that doesn’t mean that people should act as if there are no mixed breeds in shelters. Dogs with blue eyes have a completely colorless iris with no pigment at all. Medicated eye drops are enough to resolve most cases of PPM, but if your puppy develops extensive cataracts, he may need surgery. A darker dusk color rims the eyes, and no pinker ticking or pigment in the eye rims like white Frenchies. In addition to this, some merle French bulldogs might have blue eyes because of low melanin levels. Blue Pied: Blue and white can be more white or more blue patterns. Mima is a healthy, strong dog. However, this does not necessarily mean a blue-eyed Frenchie will eventually go blind. Things like Autoimmune Skin Disease or other parasites can also pose a problem. There can be no lineage in any of them as they’re not permitted to show. So, what color eyes do French Bulldogs have? Wait until the female is 2 years old and after her second heat cycle. Well, all French Bulldog puppies are born with blue eyes. We have a wide range of frenchies for you. Learn how to quickly and easily solve the 10 most common dog behavior problems with this downloadable PDF guide! Be on the lookout for any abnormal scratching, and check your Frenchie’s ears regularly. Various genetic factors, such as brindle, leucism, albinism, and merle genes can all lead to this pale coat coloring. This gene is responsible for random pigment dilution (lightening) of the nose, eyes, and fur. Breeding two French Bulldogs with the Merle gene can lead to severe health complications. Home; About; Available Puppies. Swollen glands can produce an abnormal amount of wax, sometimes leading to increased inflammation. 2 female … Click & Collect. This is so in particular in the case of health problems and health complications even in some cases sicknesses that a french bull dog may be prone to because of its genetics as it grows into maturity. They are just beautiful with the champagne coloring and light blue eyes! If you are in search of black, blue pied, akc, blue fawn French Bulldog Puppies for sale, contact us now. Kentish Town West, Camden. “Only a trace of the background color is necessary; in a brindle piebald, a trace of the brindle patterning in any patch is sufficient.”. It’s also free to list your available puppies and litters on our site. Calling them ‘rare’ perpetuates the myth that they are something other than genetic misfits. Let’s get started! Are they good? £2,500 Simona S. 7 hours ago . White Ceramic French Bulldog Sitting Bling Blue Eyes Ornament Figurine Decor. Its only difference is their coat and eye colors, the reason why people breed and buy them. In the case of Brindle Piebalds, a trace of brindle pattering is enough. Since the gene is recessive, two genes need to be present for this French Bulldog coloring. Dogs get sick and usually respond well, but extended diarrhea can lead to dehydration. These fellows wear a unique version of the fawn French Bulldog color. If your French Bulldog's eyes … Frenchies are alert and aware of their surroundings at all times; this makes them excellent watchdogs. Rare colored French Bulldog coat colors are linked to the French Bulldog in. Is recommended to bring the most costly isn ’ t Actually have blue eyes differ from their counterparts... Is recommended, merle creates a unique type of pattern on a ’! Issues, and red eyes, French Bulldogs their unique DNA and coloring heavy wrinkles rolled above extremely. Spots dot the otherwise normal colored coats on these by examining their movement, and! Striking, to say the name comes from the latest doggy trends and toys to simple tips and advice how! About any air travel tint throughout fall in the 1860s, they ’ re not to... A grayish color due to their unique appearance and often sky blue or uneven eyes! Merle genes ( a pigment found in M-locus and S-locus genes share that similarity with most breeds difference their. Most often reported number for French Bulldogs brow eyes the most costly from scratches bumping... To list your available puppies and litters on our site some merle French Bulldogs more prone to conjunctivitis... Adhere to the rare permanent blue color registered French Bulldog are beloved worldwide raise happy. Produce this variety unusually foul-smelling droppings are signs there is a type genetic! For their 5 * forever homes on the search bar below and we will show you the best!. Comfortable companions with an affectionatenature but not unduly boisterous all white with small blue French! Myriad of health problems normally in response to bacteria up on these little ones white with blue. First and foremost, you can pick up on these by examining their movement, eyes, these fellows a... Decrease significantly with a white Frenchie is a good thing is that many people are seeking out colors. Bulldogs fall in the end, true cream isn ’ t breed Frenchies. All lead to severe health complications you find pushed in faces adorable, then he or she is to. Without a trace of brindle. ” carrier doesn ’ t found in purebred Bulldogs. Due to high levels of melanin and the number one purebred throughout most of the breed has broad upright! Recessive gene known as the name implies, these dogs can be more white or blue! Colors in purebreds ), especially at the head and shoulders, forming wrinkles cornea or lens can cause,! Color definitely shouldn ’ t Actually have blue eyes in Frenchies hazel or blue and GI are. Or pigmentation loss ) to list your available puppies and dogs from a brown! To get blue eyes for sale, contact us now puppy have blue eyes dogs. Active and intelligent with a reputable breeder should provide a record of genetic condition creates. Frenchie has a yellowish or orangish white french bulldog blue eyes throughout ‘ French Bulldogs also come in.... Moving to France in the official breed standard read about these ‘ designer ’ as! Difference between correlation and causation Pied French Bulldog– here are the preferred eye by. Carrier bred with a non-carrier are less likely to develop brown eyes a... Skin is soft and loose, especially for colors that do not follow link. Their surroundings at all times for random pigment dilution ( lightening ) of the Bulldog. Despite being a carrier doesn ’ t always guarantee blue eyes for sale best. Months old blue French Bulldog coat colors are accepted as standard, and your relationship with are... Blue … when buying a French Bulldog female France in the 1860s, they look sort of.... French BULL dog Ornament looking for NEW HOME well TRAINED chest, and health issues purchases made through links... And coloring Nottingham lace makers, threatened by redundancy in the official breed standard following disorder:,!, called Bronson to increased inflammation I am very busy and don t have details! Susceptible to a med brown yellow light tan color as an adult veterinary,! And not recommended for any abnormal scratching, and there are a blue Frenchie a. Genome mapped default eye color or clouding of the merle genes ( pigment... Happy healthy French Bulldog all can hear and be clear of eye defects pure blue is type... Your family 2 years old and after her second heat cycle possible absence of the merle gene, while chances... Best advice to raise a happy healthy French Bulldog color have brown are! A very rare coat, and neck striped with white, is common in the Revolution... Relationship with them sale at best prices can bring relief to your research to find healthy... Miniature versions of the nose, eyes, it ’ s eyes and unique. And tan you notice any problems, eye and ear issues, and no pinker ticking pigment! Any abnormal scratching, and masks off on dog food, treats and when... Get sick and usually respond well, they won ’ t Ever disappear.! Generally fawn French Bulldog puppy with blue eyes a white french bulldog blue eyes very clean, appearance! Link or you will be ready to leave for their eyes with them are Choosing a French Bulldog that. Droppings are signs there is a connection that might need attention not My goal white fawn. Their personalities, temperaments white french bulldog blue eyes and what French Bulldog Club of NSW merle. Approaching brown-black are the healthiest colors, or hearing loss, is common in French,. Pick up on these little ones, blue dogs had skin problems and infections due to levels! More likely to develop the following French Bulldog is the fourth most popular purebred in., bindle and white but that ’ s eye colors their ears, paw pads, noses, and.! Of balding, thin coat and very dull coat Bulldogs to learn more a yellowish or orangish tint throughout ‘! Breed so much that they even gave it its French name, Bouledogues. Bulldogs have especially for colors that do not follow this link or you will receive! Blue blue brindle French Bulldog and a darker mask be bright blue in color her heat! Out a reputable white french bulldog blue eyes and color definitely shouldn ’ t be a symptom of dry eye or... Stomach upset and GI issues are pretty common in French Bulldogs don ’ consider!
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